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Meet the

Our team of trusted experts is ready to break down any questions you have about compost, waste, food, and business. 


Meet Kat.

Kat (they/she) is passionate about sustainability and waste reduction through composting. Dedicated to creating a compostable future for all communities, Kat strives to elevate the experience of their members, team, and community each day. 

Chief Operating Officer at CompostNow


Meet David.

David (he/him) is an advocate for regenerative systems and social responsibility. Believing in the power of business to drive positive change, he leads CompostNow's efforts in promoting compost as a solution to waste reduction, declining soil health, and climate change.

Chief Impact Officer at CompostNow


Meet Justin.

Justin (he/him) is committed to finding scalable solutions to environmental issues. He has led CompostNow as a pioneering force in the waste industry and believes that rebuilding soil health can create a healthier and more resilient future for all.

Chief Executive Officer at CompostNow


Meet Dominique.

Dominique (he/him) has built sophisticated back-end models for hauling and logistics. With a focus on data tracking and transparency, he has set the standard for how compost companies track and share their data with their members and the community.

Chief Technology Officer at CompostNow


Meet Sarah.

Sarah (she/her) has years of experience answering any and all questions about compost. She supports others on their compost journey, and believes in bringing a friendly and down-to-earth approach to a process that can otherwise get technical and complicated quickly.

Support Manager at CompostNow


Meet Olivia.

Olivia (she/her) is interested in understanding waste as an opportunity to design closed-loop systems. She believes that composting can be a catalyst for others to start thinking about the stuff they consume and more importantly where it ends up when they're done with it.

Marketing Manager at CompostNow

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