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CompostNow and Food FWD Join Forces

As of October 1st, 2018, Food FWD and CompostNow joined forces in starving landfills and building soils. By combining resources, energy, and passions with CompostNow, we will be able to service more offices, restaurants, businesses and more throughout our service area.

How did we get here?

CompostNow, based in Raleigh, was founded in 2011 by Matt Rostetter, who was joined in 2012 by co-founders Justin Senkbeil and Dominique Bischof.

“We’re tackling the huge challenge of food waste and the loss of healthy soil, and it will take many different approaches to solve it,” says Justin Senkbeil, CEO of CompostNow. “I am excited to combine the momentum and energy of our organizations to further our collective mission of making our communities more compostable.”

Food FWD, based in Durham, North Carolina, was founded by Noah and Sarah Marsh and will be joining the CompostNow team.

“Our goal in starting Food FWD was to bring composting to small and mid-sized businesses, particularly restaurants while also building a socially responsible business. Merging efforts with CompostNow provides an incredible opportunity to scale composting’s impact, increase efficiencies, and grow our shared values of social responsibility and community engagement.” Noah and Sarah Marsh, Food FWD Founders.

What's next?

The combined business looks to both rapidly expand the number of households and offices they service in the Triangle and increase outreach, education, and advocacy in the community.

The ultimate goal is to divert as much food waste from landfills as possible and help local farms and gardens build the best possible soils.

To learn more about compost services in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill visit our Services For Your Home page.


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