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CompostNow and Tilthy Rich Compost Join Forces

On March 1, 2017, CompostNow and Tilthy Rich Compost decided to join forces and combine as one business. By combining resources, energy, and passions it will allow for the combined business to service more households, multi-family communities, offices, restaurants, and more throughout our service area. Together the two businesses diverted 856,984 lbs from the landfill in 2016 and are looking to double that figure in 2017.

How did we get here?

CompostNow, based in Raleigh, was founded in 2011 by Matt Rostetter, who was joined in 2012 by co-founders Justin Senkbeil and Dominique Bischof.

“We’re tackling a big problem [food waste & loss of healthy soil] and it will take many different approaches to solve it,” says Justin Senkbeil, CEO of CompostNow. “I am excited to see our teams come together around a shared mission to help make our communities compostable.”

Tilthy Rich Compost, based in Durham, was founded in 2013 by Chris Russo who hired General Manager Kat Nigro to run day-to-day operations. They provided weekly collections for households and businesses in Durham using a bike-powered fleet.

“Tilthy Rich Compost and CompostNow have been strategizing for years on how to work more powerfully together in the Triangle,” says Chris Russo, Founder of Tilthy Rich Compost. “After Kat Nigro (Kat)alyzed [sic] substantial growth in 2015 joining TRC, it became clear that merging efforts was the best play for the movement and the individuals involved. I’m proud of what we built and glad to see CompostNow carry the torch of our efforts with a strengthened team of dedicated and passionate change makers.”

What's next?

We are dedicated to expanding the number of households, restaurants, and offices we service in the Triangle, as well as increasing outreach, education, and advocacy in the community.

Joining CompostNow’s team will be Kat Nigro, General Manager of Tilthy Rich Compost, along with their 15 member bike collection team. We’re excited to continue growing the compost movement in NC together.

To learn more about compost services in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill visit our Services For Your Home page.


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