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Press Release: CompostNow Awarded Compost Manufacturer of the Year by USCC

Raleigh, North Carolina, Mar. 1, 2024 – CompostNow is honored to receive the US Composting Council's Compost Manufacturer of the Year Award for small-scale facilities (less than 10,000 tons of material per year).

Since 2017, this facility has supported the growth of the composting industry in Georgia, creating permitting and zoning standards for compost facilities and increasing access for small and medium-scale facilities to open in the future. CompostNow has also worked with Georgia stakeholders on the USCC’s Petitioning Committee to start the USCC’s Georgia state chapter and have used this compost facility to host tours for elected officials, school groups, local organizations, and businesses.

We're proud of our team for this accomplishment and are looking forward to another great year of diverting food waste from landfills and creating compost for our communities!

Read about all of the award winners, here.

Video above shows aerial footage of CompostNow's Georgia Facility.


About CompostNow

Founded in 2011, CompostNow is a solutions provider for organics recycling with expertise in hauling, logistics, consultation, production, and distribution of compost. Their collection services and network of facilities help thousands of homes, businesses, and municipalities divert and compost over a million pounds of pre-consumer and post-consumer organic waste each month.

CompostNow’s work is rooted at the intersection of healthy people and healthy planet, and their mission is to rebuild the health of our soil by diverting waste from landfills and using it to create compost for our communities.


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