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The 2023 Annual Impact Report

CompostNow's 2023 Annual Impact Report is done curing, and you can read the full version here.

Our Annual Impact Report is an opportunity for us to share the impact composting has on the environment, in our communities, and through our partners. We're so grateful to everyone who contributed to another record-breaking year impact in 2023 and hope this report leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take action!

As we step into our 14th year of business, it’s your trust and support that fuels our mission to transform the way food and organic waste is managed. This report is not just a reflection of our achievements from the previous year, but a road map for our future endeavors as we set out to build a more regenerative and resilient future, one scrap at a time, with you.

2023 Annual Impact Report Highlights

In 2023, the homes and businesses that compost with our services diverted over 17 million pounds of food waste from landfills! Those scraps were turned into nutrient-rich compost, and our team delivered over 1 millions pounds of compost to member and community gardens at no cost to the growers through our Compost Giveback and Garden Partner Program.

With the amount of scraps diverted in 2023, we've avoided approximately 46,346,092 pounds of CO2 emissions from what would have been landfilled food waste, which is equivalent to:

  • 25,026 Acres of U.S. Forests Sequestering CO2 for 1 Year

  • 350,374 Urban Tree Seedlings Grown for 10 Years

  • 139 Acres of U.S. Forests Preserved from Conversion to Cropland

  • 1,853,844 Pounds of Methane Emissions Avoided

You can find the calculations for this information on our impact page and the EPA's page.

We're so grateful to everyone that supports us in this mission, and can't wait to break more personal records in the coming year!


About CompostNow

CompostNow is a solutions provider for organics recycling with expertise in hauling, logistics, consultation, production, and distribution of compost. Their collection services and network of facilities help thousands of homes, businesses, and municipalities in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Ohio divert and compost over a million pounds of pre-consumer and post-consumer organic waste each month.

CompostNow’s work is rooted at the intersection of healthy people and healthy planet, and their mission is to rebuild the health of our soil by diverting waste from landfills and using it to create compost for our communities.

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